Shoeq Concierge

Would you like to try out our range of shoes in the comfort of your own home?

Why not use our Shoeq Concierge service?

Here’s how it works….

(Please note our Shoeq Concierge Service is currently ONLY available within DUBAI)

1. Choose the shoe/s you’d like to order, add your normal shoe size to the basket

2. In the NOTES section, confirm the second option that you would like to try. This can be a different size OR a different colour. PLEASE NOTE WE CAN SEND A MAXIMUM OF 5 PAIRS TOTAL WITH ANY ONE ORDER. 

3. If you would like to try two different styles that are different prices you must select the pair with the higher price at checkout, if you decide to keep the lower price pair we will issue you a refund or credit note for the difference in price

4. At the checkout page choose SHOEQ CONCIERGE as the shipping option

5. Our Courier will deliver your order and wait while you try the options on. 

6. Please return the option that doesn't fit you to our courier. If you decide to keep a size different than the size originally ordered, please drop us a quick email on so we can update our inventory

7. If you need something different altogether, please keep the shoes originally ordered, return the extra sizes, and contact us directly on the above email address to arrange an exchange or return. Our couriers are not able to accept on the spot return

8. Please do note all shipping fees, including Shoeq Concierge fees, are non refundable

Finally, enjoy Getting Your Shoeq On! 

Please send us a message if you have any questions.